“We believe that restorative dentistry is above all a philosophy, a mood that characterizes every treatment plan, every clinical decision, every research protocol that leads us to find a way to preserve teeth and treat them in order to maintain their function and aesthetics.”


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What is Restaurando?

Are you interested in the Restaurando training course? There are for all tastes and levels. Our basic course (usually 2 sessions per year, one in the first semester and one in the second) includes 2 meetings of 3 days each. One focused on direct adhesive restorations (anterior and posterior) and one on indirect adhesive restorations (inlays and veneers). Each module includes one day of theory only and two days of practice only on model and phantom. This will be followed by PILLS or 2-day mono-meetings with specific topics that spill over into other areas of dentistry: the direct veneer, post-endodontic restoration, relations with soft tissues, Orthodontics and aesthetics, etc.

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