My philosophy

Inspiration is not a privilege of poets or artists in general. There is, there has been and always will be a group of individuals visited by inspiration. They are all those who consciously choose a job and do it with passion and imagination.

Everyone wants a harmonious smile. Many patients turn to me to solve aesthetic problems: incongruous restorations, color and shape defects. Each case is separate. There is no miraculous panacea.

The success is due to a correct diagnosis, a careful evaluation of the alternatives and the creation of a suitable treatment plan. There are solutions, and there are many: ceramic dental veneers, direct composite veneers, complete crowns, implantology, orthodontic treatments, etc.

In 2020 dentistry became minimally invasive, adhesive and aesthetic.

Minimally invasive is a very important concept. Being able to deliver function, durability and aesthetics without further damaging the tooth is perhaps the most important aspect. This entails a series of countless advantages, among which: it increases the longevity of the restoration because there is always time to do something more invasive, avoids endodontic treatment, less post-operative sensitivity.

For many years the enamel-dentin adhesion has been used to cement our direct and indirect restorations. This has reduced the “quantity of preparation” and allows for stability without the intervention of special preparations. The use of dentin enamel adhesives is really effective as long as rigid protocol are respected starting from the rubber dam.

And last but not least aesthetics. By preparing less the dental element, taking advantage of an adhesive strategy and using “modern” materials (nano-filled composites, ceramics) both with analog or digital methods, truly incredible results can be obtained. In my hands the best approach is the direct one.
When I can I make direct.

My key points

Our job is made up of details. Detail, more detail, more detail, this makes the difference. “

A lack of precision is dangerous when the margin of error is small

My concept of our work

some of our work is art

Let’s build something together

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