Clinical cases


This section is not intended to be my show but to give advice and to share my experiences with you

“I mainly deal with restorative and prosthetic dentistry. I have particular attention to aesthetics especially if we are talking about an anteriore sector. In a work where there are many strategies, I prefer one technique above all: Direct technique.”

Alessandro Pezzana

In this section some videos and some photos of clinical cases. But if you want more, you can do it through Restaurando using the site ( or even through the following social links.

V classi BOPT

IV class and internal bleaching in into treated central tooth

Direct veneers on model

The concept of

                      Aesthetic of the smile

Direct veneers (and other: endo, paro, ortho)

Layering. Composite total crown ona a model

Indirect feldspathic ceramic veneers

Restauri diretti posteriori

Direct restoration on model with cusp coverage

Elemento dentario deciduo in persona adulta finalizzato con endo ed intarsio

Restauri indiretti posteriori in composito ed Disilicato

Endo is not my primary work but I do a lot of endo

Prese dell’impronta in tecnica monofase b-componente

A lot of time spent in tecnician office

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