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Documenting, having passion leads to results. Both with the patient and with other colleagues. I teach at the university one day a week and two weekends a month are dedicated to conferences, with topics in adhesive and aesthetic dentistry.

Restaurando Course is my treasure, it’s our treasure


Private course. 6 days of work with Nicola Scotti and Allegra Comba. 3 friends first of all, who over the years have developed their passion for restoration. This is a path we take in 3 at the same time and we all know how much this makes a difference.


Graduated with honors in 2012. Adjunct professor of restoration at the University of Turin (Dental school). Contract professor at the international Master of the same department. Professor at the University Master of Naples (aesthetics and restoration) LuigiVanvitelli.

Other Courses

More or less 2 times a month I am engaged in dental courses in Italy and Europ, with the main topic Adhesive and aesthetic restorative dentistry. Contact me for more information that maybe the first conference is right next to your city.

Let’s build something together

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